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Fellowship Kids!

At Fellowship Oshawa, our kids, infant through grade 5, experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and fun way. 

Your First Visit

Here’s what to expect when visiting Fellowship Oshawa with kids for the first time. First, find the table marked "Information Table". It is straight ahead in the front hallway. There, we’ll meet your family, and get your child checked into our kids church and nursery attendance sheet.

Check-in Process

We will check your child by adding them to our attendance sheet, and let you keep with you the corresponding number next to their name. We will ask you to note any special instructions such as allergies or special needs for your childrenThe volunteer there can show you the kids church area which is just down the hall, so that you know where to go to pick up your child after the service is over.

We worship and sing as a family all together at the beginning of the service, so kids & adults stay together for the first 20 minutes of our church service. Right before the sermon begins, kids will be dismissed and our volunteers will lead the children to the kids church classroom down the hall. Our teachers and volunteers are trained and dedicated to providing and fun & safe atmosphere for faith learning during this time.

Picking Up

When the service is over, parents can head down the hallway to the kids church classroom and hand in their pick up numbers to the teachers there and pick up their kids before attending out 10-minute-party in the front hallway!

Our Volunteer Kids Team

We can’t wait to spend time with your kids, it’s always a blast at Kids Church with Fellowship Oshawa!

Our volunteer team is background-checked and trained & equipped to lead your kids in a fun Bible-based lesson every Sunday. The curriculum we follow is called The Gospel Project for kids, more info about that can be found here. We have our volunteers on a rotation where each volunteer serves once or twice a month in the kids ministry classroom. We look forward to inviting new kids and families into the fun and fellowship of our church!