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"Every disciple is discipled. Every disciple makes disciples."

How do we become disciples who make disciples? We “Look!” There are three relationships we need to ‘look’ to: a relationship with God, a relationship with other believers, and a relationship with the world


LOOK UP to God

We look up to God by worshipping Him together and worshipping Him privately.

  • Sunday Morning Celebration - This is our Sunday morning corporate worship service. For more information on what to expect on Sunday mornings, click here  

  • Prayer & Reading the Bible - Every relationship requires time invested. To grow as a disciple of Jesus, we need to spend time with Him. We talk to Jesus and hear Him speak to us through prayer and reading God’s Word, the Bible. God is not interested in religion, but rather a relationship with you. This is why one of the best ways we can worship God as His disciples is to give Him our hearts by spending time with Him alone.

LOOK IN to community

We look in toward other believers by fellowshipping with our lighthouse small group and maturing in Stages discipleship groups. Every disciple needs to disciple and be discipled.

  • Lighthouse Small Group - A lighthouse is a group of believers who meet together every other week in a home or other small venues to enjoy fellowship, share life together, and learn how to follow Jesus with each other. We model our Lighthouses after Acts 2:42-47.

  • Stages Grow Groups (Discipleship) - Stages Grow Groups are designed to provide accountability and mentorship to growing disciples of Jesus. Stages Discipleship happens in groups of 2-3 people with at least one disciple maker who serves in a mentorship role. Stages is a weekly or bi-weekly time to be encouraged and talk about life’s struggles and celebrations.

LOOK OUT to the world

We look out to the world by sharing the Gospel of Jesus with everyone and caring for everyone through Love Oshawa initiatives. Every member is a missionary.

  • #NoPlaceLeft -  Jesus gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) to every disciple, not just special ones! At Fellowship Oshawa, every member is a missionary. For us, that means that we believe God uses ordinary people in the everyday stuff of life to accomplish His mission of saving people from their sins. #NoPlaceLeft means that it is our desire that every single person in Oshawa has a chance to hear about the Good News that Jesus died for them on the cross and rose from the dead… until there is No Place Left! We offer training & classes to equip disciples to share the Good News with others and #NoPlaceLeft is built into the very fabric of our discipleship.

  • Love Oshawa - It’s not enough to tell people about God’s love for them - as Jesus’ disciples we must show them. Love Oshawa is an initiative created to do just that. Through Love Oshawa initiatives, we serve our community by partnering with other local nonprofits, defending the causes of the outcasts and downtrodden, and meeting tangible needs for the segments of our community that are hurting.