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If you are joining us for the first time on a Sunday morning, here is what you can expect:

Sunday Morning

Church starts at 11AM at David Bouchard Public School located at 460 Wilson Road S in Oshawa. When you arrive, you can expect to be warmly greeted and welcomed from the moment you walk up to the front doors. Happy & helpful volunteers can point you in the right direction for the worship centre (in the library), washrooms, and refreshments. 

Come a few minutes early for free coffee and refreshments for you to enjoy and give you that morning boost as you meet new people or reconnect with friends. 

Worship songs

We sing together to start off every service. Lyrics are on a screen in front so that you can sing along or learn the song if it is new to you. A worship band in the front of the room plays the instruments and leads in the singing. The point of singing together is first of all to worship God and give Him thanks. Second, we encourage one another as believers when we join in singing together as a group. The songs we sing are a blended mix of new music and classic hymns.

Biblical Teaching

After the worship songs, you will hear a message straight from the Bible. This message is usually around 30-40 minutes long and will help you to understand the Bible as you read it for yourself. There will be application from the lesson to directly impact your life and challenges laid out to help you move forward in your faith. 

Discussion Time

Fellowship Oshawa is a safe place where anyone can come to ask questions and learn what it looks like to have a relationship with God, no matter where you are at in your relationship with God. After the message, we have a time of small-group discussion where you can reflect on what you have learned with those sitting directly around you. We are confident that you will come away from your experience at Fellowship Oshawa knowing that you are cared for and loved by our church. We will always tell the truth, but we desire to speak truth in love. 

Ten Minute Party

After we dismiss from our service, you are invited to join in on our 10 Minute Party! This is a time to grab some food, chat with friends, meet new people, talk to the pastor, pick up your kids from their kids program, and just connect. We hope you enjoy and are encouraged by your time spent with others this Sunday!