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David Bouchard Public School - 460 Wilson Road South, Oshawa, ON L1H 6C9

Festival, games, crafts, & food are open to the public, no registration required.
Ball Hockey tournament open to ages 8-16, registration of team required.

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Download & fill out Ball Hockey Tournament Waiver. One for each participant: Ball_Hockey_Waiver.pdf

Tournament & Other Activities

Junior age group tournament:

Ages 8-12, teams of 3 plus a goalie.

Senior age group tournament:

Ages 12-16, teams of 3 plus a goalie.

$15 per team. There are limited spots!

Gift card prizes for 1st place Jr & Sr teams!

Other Activities:

**Raffle for BIG Jays tickets prize. 

Raffle for Goodlife Fitness 1-year membership

Carnival games & candy prizes for the kids. 

Face painting & Crafts

Slip & Slide Bowling

Food & drinks.

FREE lawn games to play.

(**NOTE: We are very sad to say Bubble Soccer had to be canceled. We are sorry!!)

Please bring your own seating.

Want to volunteer, or have questions?

Email: FellowshipOshawa@gmail.com

Phone: Jared Huntley, 416-402-8456

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3-on-3 Ball Hockey Tournament Rules

General: Game length is 15 minutes played straight through. There will be no switching sides and no intermission. Teams must consist of 3 vs. 3 with one goalie. One substitute is permitted per team. Changes are done on the fly only. There will be one referee whose judgement is final and binding. Play is done on shoes. No rollerblades are permitted.

Age Categories:

12-15 - Senior Tournament

8-12 - Junior Tournament


Player equipment: It is recommended that all players wear helmets with face shields, mouth guards, gloves and shin pads to prevent any injuries.

Goalie Equipment: Goalies are required to wear a full face mask. Pads, chest protector, glove and blocker are highly recommended.

Rules: Regular NHL rules apply. There will be, however, no offsides. Also, slap shots are not permitted. Sticks must stay below the waist at all times.

Penalties: In the event of a penalty (slashing, tripping, high-sticking, etc.), the player making the offence will be required to sit off for 45 seconds for a minor penalty and 2 minutes for a major penalty. No team can go down less than two players. In the event that multiple penalties are called, the player sitting off will serve the time for all penalties involved. Once one penalty is over the next one will start.

No Shows/Late for a Game: Any team that does not show or is more than 5 minutes late for their game automatically forfeits that game. The game will be considered 1-0 win for the team who was there.

Stick Throwing: Throwing sticks is very dangerous and strictly prohibited. Anyone throwing their stick at any time will result in a penalty shot awarded to the other team.

Fighting: There is a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for fighting. If you or anyone from your team are involved in a fight you will be expelled from the tournament. Both instigator and the other team will be ejected from the tournament.

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