Our Values

These values represent what we are not willing to sacrifice as we remain faithful the mission that God has given to us. These values are what set us apart from other churches in Oshawa. 


The Bible

We preach the Bible without discrimination. We value reading, studying, and memorizing Scripture daily, speaking the Bible’s truths to one another with gentleness and love, and letting the Bible hold the final authority over our individuals lives and the life of our church. You can browse our online sermons here.



We intentionally journey with young Christians to teach them the commands of Jesus. We encourage and equip regular, everyday Christians to abide in Jesus, and we do this through regular, intentional, and intimate discipleship relationships. Learn more about discipleship here.


Selfless Hospitality

We open up our homes and our lives to other people, both inside and outside of the church. We strive to never allow busyness to invest in meaningful relationships. We strive to bear one another’s burdens, and to invite and welcome all people regardless of where they are or where they’ve been.



This is demonstrated by having a plurality of elders for our leadership. We invest in leadership development and intentionally seek to empower and encourage one another to use our spiritual gifts for the benefit of the Body of Christ. We strive to have a different voices at the table in appropriate decision-making opportunities. Learn more about our elder team here.


Risk-Taking Faith

We strive to live by faith, regardless of the cost it may require. We do this by sacrificially giving our time and resources to advance the Kingdom of God, praying big, God-sized prayers, and obeying God no matter the cost.



We equip, empower, and expect new Christians to share their story and the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are new creations who are given the ministry of reconciliation, so even new believers are encouraged to testify to the goodness of God in their lives. This is also demonstrated by our support of church planting, with the hope of sending out a church planting team out Fellowship Oshawa when the Lord makes it possible.

Sunday Morning Services

9:00AM at 520 Simcoe St. South